Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strawberries in Lent

Curlytops and Brighteyes have their birthdays 3 weeks apart.  So this year, we figured, we'd have one celebration for both occasions.  Since it was the weekend when their Catholic kids' club meeting was scheduled this month of March, we requested that the activities be done at the party, at our place.

Apart from the facilitators, we had a good turnout of kids, of various ages so the group was split up into the younger and older kids, mainly for the activities.  Since it was Lent, each younger child had a Stations of the Cross booklet to colour in and take home to use as a prayer book throughout Lent.  The older kids had a variety of activities from Lenten wordsearch, colouring, discussion and some games.

All in all the kids had a great, fun-and-faith-filled time.  We were hoping that although we decided to celebrate this occasion during Lent, we would not take away from the focus on this very important Liturgical season.  Evidently, on the day, the children - not only sharing good times but also exchanging Lenten thoughts - it looks like we have achieved just that, and perhaps even more.  Laus Deo!