Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day!

The celebration of St Patrick's Day is one that is rather popular in Australia, but one that has also become an event to observe for our family each year. 

St Patrick is one of the more popular saints for children, not excluding ours.  His life and faith is a shining example for Catholics, and so honouring him on his feastday has become, for us, a tradition - somewhat. 

Our day was highlighted with Holy Mass which we attended in the evening and where we HAD to go in green, of course, in remembrance of the holy saint.  Back home we wrapped up our celebration with a sharing of a St Patrick egg custard pie (the only thing I could think of preparing given the narrow window I had to whip something up between our late arrival from weekend camping at 5:30pm that day and leaving for Mass at 7pm).  "St Patrick-izing" the pie simply involved putting in a couple of drops of green food colouring to my usual custard mixture.

With shamrock being a known symbol for St Patrick (who had used this three-leaves-in-one-stem to teach the pagans of his time about the Holy Trinity), the boys had on some fun shamrock neckties and the girls - shamrock headpieces. 

With the pie looking a little foreign (compared to the egg custard pie that I normally make), the kids were naturally a little iffy, at first, to try it as they did not know what to expect, despite assurances from me that it was the normal family favourite that they were all used to.  A couple voiced out that it looked like a minty pie of some sort.  But thanks to our adventurous little Bobbles, after he spooned in a mouthful and everyone saw the expression in his face, they all quickly followed suit and dug in, happy to find that it was the same familiar taste, albeit tinted green!

From our family to yours, we hope you had a blessed St Patrick's Day! 

(Kuya Patrick, happy name day to you!)

St Patrick, enlightener of Ireland, pray for us!

"Bobbles, not just yet!!!"

Bobbles:   Mmmm, yumyum!