Sunday, March 4, 2012

COCONUT WATER: A Much Healthier Alternative

In our household we've always had fruit juices or water, never softdrinks.  I'm very happy to say that none of our kids have taken to drinking carbonated, sugary drinks; and that the only time they might have a sip is if we were at a place or gathering where there is nothing else to drink but those. 

Nevertheless, fruit juices - no matter how much they are advertised as being fresh or sugar free - are never guaranteed to be additive-free nor fresh.  And then there's that all-important question of whether it is made from organic fruits or disease-causing, genetically modified franken-fruits!  So really, although we try to stay away from softdrinks, we are still not entirely happy with giving our children these purchased fruit juices.

Recently, however, we've been doing some research into coconut oil (prompting us to make a major shift from using extra virgin olive oil to extra virgin coconut oil); and from the same suppliers, I tried other coconut products including their "coconut water" which I quite liked - both in terms of the taste and the reported benefits.  We don't buy it very often, however, because 5 x 300 ml bottles sets us back $17.50 plus shipping costs because it is only available online, thus far.  This means 1 bottle costs about at least a hefty $3.50!!

Today, though, I was in our local organic grocery store and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they now stock coconut water.  And what's more, along with a few different brands, including the one we previously used, I came across "Coconut Essence" in huge cans of 520 mls for $2.99, so I decided to load a few cans into my trolley.  But on my way to the counter, my jaw nearly dropped to see that they were being sold in cases of 24 cans for 60 bucks!  Wow, this means each huge can only cost $2.50 compared to the small bottle for $3.50!  Needless to say, I grabbed myself a whole case, resolving to go back in a day or two for a few more.

Up until today, fruit juices (purchased from the store, although there was a time I would not let the kids drink anything other than juice that I squeezed myself!) constitute most of our beverages at home, but I am definitely very pleased to say that this will change, much sooner rather than later - for the better.  Compared to those reconstituted, processed, additive-loaded (and who knows what else!), supposedly healthy "fruit" drinks, I would certainly go for coconut water for its several nutritional benefits, even if admittedly, they will cost a tad more.  Oh well, at the end of the day, it is such a small price to pay for the family's better health.