Sunday, March 25, 2012

Poll Results: Answered Prayers?

Great news to wake up to:  the Queensland election outcome saw LNP's landslide victory, winning a massive majority of seats (i.e. 75) over ALP - a mere 6!  Thank God indeed for this historic event, especially as our state bids buh-bye to ALP, with its members being well known pro-abortion/Emily's Listers. 

As Catholics, we have to realize that anybody who does not have  the right perspective or a warped view on LIFE cannot possibly have the right perspective on anything else.   Hence, government leaders cannot have this kind of mentality, lest they govern the state/country with a seriously distorted or misplaced value system.

I am personally unsure of Campbell Newman (Queensland LNP leader and Premier-elect) and his stance on abortion and other moral issues that concern families, but for now, I am just thankful that the openly pro-abortion Anna Bligh is out of the highest office in the state.  Thank God for that.

Loving Lord, we thank You for Your hand in the election results.  We pray for the newly-elected government in the state - that they be able to govern with integrity and righteousness, and keep their commitment to the sanctity of Life, marriage and the family.  We pray for them to legislate with firm allegiance and faithfulness to moral law, Your holy laws, which are higher than any other law.  We pray that they discharge their duties honestly, and lead the state, and therefore the country, toward an era of lasting peace, profound respect for life, and true justice.

May God's name be praised, now and forever!