Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St Joseph's Day!

Beautiful videos dedicated to St Joseph.  To watch or listen, please make sure you hit the PAUSE button on the mixpod at the very end of this page.  Enjoy!

Sancte Joseph, familiarum columen, ora pro nobis!

ST PATRICK: Shepherd of the Emerald Isle

Last Saturday was St Patrick's Day.  But because we had gone camping for the weekend we did not get much prepared for the celebration.  The most we could do was packing some green clothing to get into some sort of "spirit."

For our little "celebration" we planned a simple, easy to prepare St Patrick's-themed morning tea which consisted of pancake stacks shaped into shamrocks and topped with green-stained sugar and dessicated coconut mixture sprinkles.  We also had ripple chocolate biscuits with shamrock-shaped cookie icing, and also some green lime, kiwi and melon jelly cups which were readily available from the local supermarket.  All in all, we had a pretty nice, St Paddy's Day - even their little Franklin-the-turtle toys got into the green mood.  Well...