Monday, April 21, 2014

PHOTO JOURNAL ENTRY: Holy Triduum and Easter, 2014

HOLY THURSDAY - Seder meal to commemorate the Passover meal, being the prelude to the Last Supper or the very First Mass when our Lord instituted the Holy Eucharist on Holy Thursday night.
SEDER SUPPER:  Lamb to symbolize the Lamb of God to be slaughtered for the sins of the world, unleavened bread symbolizing the sinless nature of the Messiah or Saviour that God promised to His people, bitter herbs for the suffering that the Hebrews went through under the Egyptians, sweet relish for the promise of freedom, egg to symbolize new life in Christ.

GOOD FRIDAY:  first night (of our 2-night, 3-day stay) at the Marian Valley Retreat Centre (Cabins 4A and 4B)

working on the Stations of the Cross booklets
  Another activity that engaged the kids on Good Friday night was the recitation of the 14 Stations of the Cross.  Below is a clip of when Roadrunner had his turn.

Miracles, who is still on supplemental oxygen, is positioned by the verandah going out into the forest to give her the benefit of the high levels of natural oxygen given off by the flora in this side of the valley. 

Miracles in between 2 pillows..

Our chance to walk the Via Crucis and reflect on Christ's journey toward his Passion and Death..
FIRST STATION:  Jesus is condemned to death. 

SECOND STATION:  Jesus takes up His Cross.

THIRD STATION:  Jesus falls the first time.

FOURTH STATION:  Jesus meets His sorrowful Mother.

FIFTH STATION:  Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus.

SIXTH STATION:  Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

SEVENTH STATION:  Jesus falls the second time.

EIGHTH STATION:  Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

NINTH STATION:  Jesus falls the third time.

TENTH STATION:  Jesus is stripped of His garments.

ELEVENTH STATION:  Jesus is nailed to the Cross.

TWELFTH STATION:  Jesus dies on the Cross.

THIRTEENTH STATION:  Jesus is taken down from the Cross.

FOURTEENTH STATION:  Jesus is buried in the tomb.

After the Stations of the Cross, exploring the newly built spots/shrines around..

Great eye-opener about the otherwise misconceived but common notion about the Church's stand on cremation of physical remains of the deceased..

family Rosary at the Our Lady of Fatima Grotto..

While the rest of us said the Rosary, these two entertained themselves.

Miracles needing some refreshment in the midst of all the activity..

"Wow, pebbles!!!"

Hmm, a few years yet before I can respond to the Hail Marys..

Adoration on Holy Saturday afternoon at the Mary, Help of Christians Chapel (Altar of Repose), Father Anthony takes the Eucharistic Jesus back to the Main Church tabernacle.

Fr carries the ciborium housing our Eucharistic Lord Jesus across to the main church.  (Actually, to my pleasant surprise, without any prompting from anybody (except the Holy Spirit, we believe) Fr Anthony very kindly stopped in front of us and blessed Miracles with the Eucharist as he walked by.  Thank you ever so much, Fr.  God bless you abundantly for your generosity.)

"Happy Easter!!!"  Fr Anthony giving away chocolate eggs after the Easter Vigil Mass

Curlytops:  Yumyum!!!

Back at the cabin after Mass, all rugged up on this chilly night

Easter Sunday, early morning Easter egg hunting!!! (First stop:  the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes)

Our Easter Egg Hunt allowed the kiddies to explore all the beautiful shrines/chapels inside the Marian Valley. This one is St Padre Pio's.

the big treasure at the very end of the hunt..

..positioned at the Shrine of the Resurrection.

"We found it!!!  ALLELUIAH, He is Risen!!!"

Tatay and Miracles enjoying this peaceful walk around the different devotional shrines scattered throughout the valley, nestled within the very picturesque natural setting of this local Catholic treasure.. 

Giving away some of their Easter egg find to others after the Easter Sunday Mass..

Mommy, with Miracles on the baby carrier, takes a shot of Fr Anthony giving baby a wonderful Easter blessing.

Bobbles:  Would you like some Easter eggs?

"Oh, thank you, young man!"


Fr Columba (soon to be Bishop) walks back to the Priory.

Quick picnic lunch before driving back to Brisbane

lunch featured our Easter egg embutido

And our Easter "Empty Tomb" chocolate slice..

We spotted a kookaburra on Mama Mary's statue's head!