Thursday, August 16, 2012

Assumption of Mary

Yesterday we celebrated the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary.  The only preparation we were able to make was mainly to organize to have a Tridentine Mass celebrated at our devotional chapel at home.  God blessed this undertaking by sending us a holy priest in the person of Fr T. Hoare. 

Mass was beautiful, as always, and the 2 boys (Webster and Roadrunner) were very privileged to be able to serve.  Roadrunner obviously still requires a lot of training, both in the rubrics and Latin responses, but he definitely showed a lot of promise.

After Holy Mass, Fr Hoare led a short period of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, exposed.   Benediction of Our Lord in the Eucharist was the finale for our beautiful celebration.

Benedicta eius gloriosa Assumptio!

A conversation overheard about the Assumption of Mary:

Curlytops:  Kuya, what is the difference between Ascension and Assumption?

Roadrunner:  Ascension is Jesus going up to Heaven by Himself, and Assumption is Our Lady being carried up to Heaven by God's angels.

Webster:  Ascension is Christ going up to Heaven by His own power, much like a balloon filled with helium that can rise up to the air on its own; while the Assumption is Our Lady being taken up to Heaven, much like a balloon filled with normal air that cannot go up to the air unless some force helps it up.

A friend brought a nice cake over for our special celebration; and to tie it in with the occasion, we simply decorated it with frosting pens.