Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WEBSTER'S MOVIE REVIEW: Skiff and AJ'S Fantastic Voyage

Skiff and AJ's Fantastic Voyage is an excellent animation movie which shows that all babies (born and unborn) are, even from the beginning of life as a single cell, made as dignified human persons, created in the image and likeness of God.  It shows that unborn babies are indeed human beings who have been given the right to life by God.

The main characters, Skiff and AJ are members of the "Altar Gang" which is a group composed of liturgical items that come to life to serve as assitants to a priest, Fr Joseph.  Skiff is the incense boat, and AJ is the aspergilium.  Other members of the Altar Gang are:  Maggie the sanctus bell, Pablo the Paschal Candlestick, Big John  the baptismal font, James and John  the altar candles, Cecilia the music stand, Thomas the thurible, Mimi the altar cloth, Peter the chalice, Mary the ciborium, and Mo the ambo/pulpit.   

At the start of the movie, Skiff discovers how important the gift of life is, but AJ sleeps it out.  Skiff tries to tell him about his discovery, but AJ can't seem to grasp the point, so the best friends go on an adventure of a lifetime to explore the importance of life in a whole new way.

In some parts, the movie has more comedy in it than seriousness.  One of my favourite parts is the scene where Skiff and AJ have entered a mother's womb, but they have no definite idea where they are.  They are trying to figure things out, when the baby in the womb peeps in through one of the windows of Skiff and AJ's spaceship.  AJ sees the baby's eye through the window and freaks out.  In spite of his fear, however, Skiff succeeds in talking AJ into stepping out of their shrink/time machine to meet, and later befriend, the baby.

The "voyage" is centred on Skiff and AJ's exploration of the baby's environment and life inside the womb; and the excitement of the movie comes from the interesting discovery that even when a baby is not yet visible or is not yet born, it is very much alive and able to interact with its environment and respond to various stimuli, especially the voices of its parents! 

The reason why I like this movie is because it proves a very important point in a fun way that is understandable to children.  It is a great movie because the kids who have seen it will learn about or realize the sanctity of the life of the unborn, and hopefully desire to oppose abortion from a very young age and carry this attitude through to adulthood, and help to make steps to put an end to this evil in the world.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Skating for Jesus

For the children, this year has been particularly exciting as we decided to add more extra-curricular activities of their choice.  I guess with homeschooling one has to constantly think of ways to liven things up, and at this time we thought they might benefit from it, in that it might give them some incentive for doing well in school, and judging by their motivation and performance, it evidently has.

The boys have restarted Taekwondo and also took on tennis coaching lessons, both of which they thoroughly enjoy.  And the girls have started ballet/tap, which they have wanted to do for a very long time; as well as figure skating lessons, which - although we initially thought might be rather dangerous, we let them try anyway to see how things would go.  Of course, in order for these activities to be manageable for me, given my circumstances, we made sure we chose local places, within 10 km of home!!!

In early March, after a couple of figure skating school sessions (once a week) for the girls, one of the coaches approached me to ask if she could train Curlytops. "She seems to be a fast learner," she said to me.  So after discussing with hubby, I contacted the coach and arranged for Curlytops to start coaching.

It has been 3 1/2 months since the start of these skating sessions, and Curlytops has been nicely progressing.  In fact, the coach entered Curlytops in her very first figure skating competition.  It was definitely one she had been looking forward to.  Set for June 21, the day before Corpus Christi, and with this month being that of the Sacred Heart, we decided for Curlytops to wear a nice little white skating dress with tiny red hearts all over which, we thought, was particularly special as it perfectly tied in with the current liturgical celebrations.  Before she went on the ice, I reminded Curlytops to say a little prayer, offering her performance to Mama Mary and Jesus.

We were definitely very proud of our little skater, and Curlytops was very happy to have offered everything up like she did.  She gave a great performance, considering that it was her first ever competition, and especially in spite of the fact that her coach changed her routine at the last minute, literally!!!  What's more, to our surprise, she also received a nice bonus:  Curlytops won FIRST PLACE!!!

Cute dress in white with red hearts all over, reminiscent of the liturgical celebration tomorrow (Corpus Christi) and Sacred Heart of Jesus for the month of June
Waiting at the cafeteria where it's nice and warm..

Her First Place medal, with her coach, Montana Sumner

Congratulations, Curlytops!  We are proud of you!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Webster's Entry for Confirmation: BECOMING A SOLDIER FOR CHRIST

Since I was a very young boy, a soldier was one of the things I always wanted to be.  A soldier is a member of an army, who devotes his life selflessly and fights for something.  As a Catholic at my present age (12 years), I am going to become a soldier - for Christ.  On Pentecost Sunday, I am going to receive Confirmation.

Confirmation is the sacrament where the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way, transforming us into His holy soldiers, enabling us to become strong witnesses to our faith.  In our Catholic Catechism we learn that when we are baptized, we are "born again" of water and the Holy Spirit.  When we are confirmed, the Holy Spirit gives us strength and power to grow from "infancy to adulthood" in the life of grace.  We are given the strength of a soldier to fight for the Church.  This is what happened to the Apostles at Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit gave them power to love God as soldiers, and made them brave witnesses to spread Christianity.  We Catholics are confirmed to be strengthened against the dangers threatening our soul.  The Holy Spirit prepares us to defend our Catholic Faith.

During the Rite of Confirmation, the bishop, who is the usual minister of Confirmation, says special prayers over the candidates, asking the Holy Spirit to come down upon them, anointing them with "Chrism" on the forehead in the form of a cross.  Chrism is a scented oil that is blessed on Holy Thursday and used for anointing Catholics receiving the Sacraments.  The cross on the forehead signifies that the Catholic who is confirmed should always be ready to declare his faith openly and practice it fearlessly.  The Holy Spirit also gives us the strength to bear our crosses for the love of God, and even to die for Him, if given the chance.

On Confirmation, the Holy Spirit gives us 7 gifts:  wisdom, knowledge, counsel, piety, understanding, fortitude and fear of the Lord.  He also gives us 12 fruits:  charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, faithfulness, long-suffering, mildness, modesty, continence and chastity.  To become good members of God's army, the Holy Spirit gives us the Armour of God:  the Sandals of Peace, the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Helmet of Salvation, the Shield of Faith, and the Sword of the Holy Spirit.  With these gifts, we become courageous soldiers, willing to defend the Church of Christ from its enemies.

As confirmed Catholics, we will be able to bear witness to Jesus and the Catholic Church being the One, True Church.  We will be given the power to be able to turn our fellow soldiers, who have joined the enemy, back to Jesus, to the Church and the sacraments.  It is very sad to see many of our brothers and sisters turning against our Lord to join the enemy.  As confirmed Catholics, it is our duty to bring them back. 

As a newly confirmed Catholic, I see myself joining God's army which, to me, is divided into different groups or "legions:"  the clergy, the brothers, the nuns, the cloistered religious and the laity.  Although I will soon become a member of the last-mentioned legion, I could someday be a member of the clergy, if God wants me to become a priest when I grow up.  As God's army, we are all given different gifts and talents to help us fulfill our duties in the Catholic Church. 

As a new soldier, it will be my duty to defend the things I believe in:  our Eucharistic Lord, our Blessed Mother Mary, and our Holy Mother church.  I can defend our Lord in the Eucharist by:  protecting the Eucharist from desecration and disrespect, by being careful not to desecrate our Lord by my own doing, by receiving our Lord worthily in Holy Communion, and by going to Adoration to counter all the sacrileges committed worldwide.  I can defend our Blessed Mother by:  praying the Rosary as often as possible, by teaching others the truth about Our Lady, by offering up little sacrifices to her for others, and by doing acts of piety for all the people around the world who despise her.  Lastly, I can defend the Catholic Church and my Catholic Faith by:  fulfilling my obligations as a Catholic, by helping the priests in our diocese, praying for Catholics all over the world, by offering sacrifices for missionaries in different parts of the world, and by not being ashamed of my Catholic Faith.

For Confirmation, it is recommended that we choose a saint as a role model and someone to look up to when we need Heavenly help, especially in the battle that we are about to fight.  For me, St Michael was an easy choice because at the Great Battle in Heaven, when all the big angels were joining Lucifer in going against God, St Michael was the small angel who stood up and declared his service and loyalty to God, just as I hope to be.  In this battle, I want to be always fighting on God's side.  And because St Michael knows very well how the devil works, I would always be calling on his intercession and asking for his help in my own battles as a soldier for Christ.

(Wearing my confirmation stole, made by Mom, of course, bearing my name on one side and the name of my confirmation saint on the other.)

 As any new soldier would feel, I know the task ahead will be daunting and difficult, but I also find it exciting, especially focusing on the prize.  In my own life, I will have many battles to face every single day, because every minute is a battle and a constant choice between good and evil. One problem for me, for instance, is that I usually find myself in occasions of sin and I end up giving in to temptations such as TV, food, toys, games and other distractions.  Apart from asking for assistance from St Michael, my Confirmation saint, the Holy Spirit, Who is always there to help His soldiers, will give me the graces and "reinforcement" I need to resist the enemy who attacks in the form of temptations, and keep myself safe from occasions of sin.

These days it is very important for the Church to have brave, strong and loyal soldiers, who are unafraid to stand up for what Our Lord had taught us, unashamed of being Catholics, and willing to suffer in order to defend the Church.  Our enemy, the Devil, is always on the lookout for soldiers unwary enough to fall for his traps.  However, we must be courageous, obedient and active soldiers, knowing that Jesus, our Master, is more than a match for the Devil.  The fact is that it is mostly up to us; and one question remains:  Do we want to be victorious in this battle, and win eternal life in Heaven with God?  Or do we want to lose miserably and gain eternity with the Devil in Hell?  Speaking for myself, I definitely want to fight the good fight, and win Heaven in the end.

Therefore, for my Confirmation which is a very important event in my life, and my initiation into Christ's Army, let my prayer be:  Oh come, Holy Spirit.  Vest me in God's mighty armour.  Arm me with Thy gifts and virtues, that I may always be a fearless and brave soldier, willing to fight for Our Lady and defend our Church, and be ever ready to die for Christ in the Eucharist!

This essay was written by Webster in fulfillment of my request that he reflect on his Confirmation and the enormity of the effect that it can have in his life as a Catholic - IF he allows it to.  Up to a week before the Confirmation, I was feeling as if he was not "switched on" and not quite focused.  Hence, in an attempt to satisfy my own "doubts," I gave him the task of researching on the sacrament and reflecting and searching his heart and writing about his sentiments as one who is anticipating Confirmation.  Upon reading his essay (which he finished the night before the event, in front of our Eucharistic Lord in Adoration), I was quite impressed and very inspired.  At the day of the event itself, we were all very proud of our new "Soldier" who was reported to have had a couple of tears whilst being anointed by Bishop Finnigan who administered the Sacrament.  I, myself, was short of sobbing.  My heart was overflowing with joy and gratitude.  What a beautiful and unforgettable PENTECOSTAL event it truly was.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Miss P Turns 2!

Good grief, I can't believe how time has flown!  Our little P-nut is now 2 years old!  At her age she is quite a delight to the whole family, spreading happiness and good cheer.  On a stressful day, a cute comment or gesture from her is enough to put a smile on everyone's face and brighten up everybody's mood.  She truly is an angel heavensent!

June 2012:  Born 7 weeks premature via emergency CS
A precious little creature, only a few days old but has been loved by the family for a very long time.

first bath at Special Care Nursery

Sisters can't wait to have her home.  Four weeks in hospital is a long time to wait!!!

baptism invite
day of Holy Baptism

Now a new member of God's family!

"My guardian angel rejoices.."

" I become a child of God."

With my caring Kuya

Fr Michael Rowe

Feastday of our family patron:  St Matthew, 2012

Procession in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, 2012

before Sunday Mass

before St Patrick's Mass, St Stephen's Cathedral, 2013

May, 2013

Corpus Christi, June 2013

After the procession

celebrating her First Birthday

..after Fr Terry's Mass
A visit from Sister Mary Lawrence
At our cabin, AHFI Annual Family Retreat, July 2013
with Tatay and his brother (Tito Owie)
September 2013

Brighton, January 2014


at big sisters' birthday party, April 2014

after baby sister's baptism, May 2014

2nd Birthday - after Mass, June 5, 2014

A blessed 2nd birthday to you, our darling P-nut.  We pray that you continue to be a beacon of joy, not only to our family and to others, but most especially to God, our loving Father and Creator!