Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WEBSTER'S MOVIE REVIEW: Skiff and AJ'S Fantastic Voyage

Skiff and AJ's Fantastic Voyage is an excellent animation movie which shows that all babies (born and unborn) are, even from the beginning of life as a single cell, made as dignified human persons, created in the image and likeness of God.  It shows that unborn babies are indeed human beings who have been given the right to life by God.

The main characters, Skiff and AJ are members of the "Altar Gang" which is a group composed of liturgical items that come to life to serve as assitants to a priest, Fr Joseph.  Skiff is the incense boat, and AJ is the aspergilium.  Other members of the Altar Gang are:  Maggie the sanctus bell, Pablo the Paschal Candlestick, Big John  the baptismal font, James and John  the altar candles, Cecilia the music stand, Thomas the thurible, Mimi the altar cloth, Peter the chalice, Mary the ciborium, and Mo the ambo/pulpit.   

At the start of the movie, Skiff discovers how important the gift of life is, but AJ sleeps it out.  Skiff tries to tell him about his discovery, but AJ can't seem to grasp the point, so the best friends go on an adventure of a lifetime to explore the importance of life in a whole new way.

In some parts, the movie has more comedy in it than seriousness.  One of my favourite parts is the scene where Skiff and AJ have entered a mother's womb, but they have no definite idea where they are.  They are trying to figure things out, when the baby in the womb peeps in through one of the windows of Skiff and AJ's spaceship.  AJ sees the baby's eye through the window and freaks out.  In spite of his fear, however, Skiff succeeds in talking AJ into stepping out of their shrink/time machine to meet, and later befriend, the baby.

The "voyage" is centred on Skiff and AJ's exploration of the baby's environment and life inside the womb; and the excitement of the movie comes from the interesting discovery that even when a baby is not yet visible or is not yet born, it is very much alive and able to interact with its environment and respond to various stimuli, especially the voices of its parents! 

The reason why I like this movie is because it proves a very important point in a fun way that is understandable to children.  It is a great movie because the kids who have seen it will learn about or realize the sanctity of the life of the unborn, and hopefully desire to oppose abortion from a very young age and carry this attitude through to adulthood, and help to make steps to put an end to this evil in the world.