Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Most Blessed Week

This week has been mainly focused on Roadrunner's forthcoming First Penance and First Communion.  Although we have been in 'preparation mode' since start of the school year, as his Grade 2 Religious Education incorporates the sacramental program, these past few days have been the most intense. 

A couple of weeks ago, Roadrunner made this consecration to Our Lady

His consecration to Our Lady card, spiritual bouquet and other visual reminders of the occasions were posted on our footlocker door which we all go past several times a day;  for Roadrunner to be reminded of the importance of thorough preparation, and to remind the rest of us to keep encouraging our little first communicant to persevere in his efforts.

Apart from concentrating on his spiritual bouquet, i.e. stepping up his efforts in practicing virtues (e.g. right-away obedience, honesty, sharing, responsibility, charity, reverence, self-sacrifice and generosity) to earn jewels and flowers to adorn his heart in readiness for receiving Jesus sacramentally, Roadrunner also enjoyed Eucharistic Holy Hours for 5 consecutive days (Monday to Friday).  We thought it was particularly important for him to spend some time with the Lord in the Holy Eucharist to express whatever it was in his little heart that he wanted to pray to Him about in anticipation of the big day. 

These pages are off Roadrunner's Journal which he usually writes on before bed or during adoration.  I thought it was cute how he tries so hard to express himself in spite of spelling and grammatical errors.  ;D  (I must admit as a homeschooling mom, I had to fight back the strong urge to get my red pen out and start correcting.  LOL)

At school, emphasis was also given to the importance of having a thorough 'examen' in order to make a good (first) confession.  Old, traditional prayer books were used as tools to help Roadrunner perform  his examination of conscience.  He wrote his 'sins' down on a piece of paper to ascertain that he "won't forget anything during confession."

The little penitent before leaving home to make his first confession
This morning, Roadrunner was so excited to make his First Penance.  After breakfast, he had a shower and got himself dressed, took his little prayer book with his "sins" enclosed and went with his Dad to church nice and early.  The rest of the kids and I followed shortly after for the 10am Mass in Honour of Our Lady's feastday of her Nativity. 

When we got to the church, it was great to see Roadrunner looking so happy and almost radiant.  He said he was so excited that he is even more ready to receive Jesus tomorrow.  Now his soul is bright and clean, he knows Jesus will be so happy to come to him in Holy Communion.

What a wonderful and blessed week it has been, indeed.  God's loving providence has helped Roadrunner to prepare as best he could in order to receive Jesus worthily for the very first time.  Words are simply not enough to express the love, anticipation and gratitude we all feel for this very special occasion and milestone in Roadrunner's life, and also ours, as a family.

Benedictus Iesus in sanctissimo altaris Sacramento!

Happy Birthday, Mamma Mary!!!

Happy Birthday, Mamma Mary!!!