Monday, June 27, 2011

Corpus Christi Celebration 2011

As we do every year, we attended this year's Archdiocese of Brisbane's Corpus Christi celebrations.  The children participated in the procession in their own ways, and had a great time indeed. 

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Back home, after the big day, the kids had their well-earned rest in the afternoon which gave me a chance to put something together (for dessert, at least) to tie in with the very special occasion.  It was simply a "modified" trifle, made with red and white elements, reminiscent of Our Lord's Body and Blood:  red jelly, custard, pitted cherries, white whipped cream drizzled with raspberry coulis and topped with a white meringue.  And I thought it was particularly appropriate to serve these in the cute, chalice-shaped plastic cups!

As the children started to wake up they were certainly wide-eyed upon sighting our little Corpus Christi centrepiece with the Child Jesus Eucharist statue in the middle!  Come dessert time, we all enjoyed our little Corpus Christi-themed sweet treat!

From our family to yours,
happy feastday of the Body and Blood of Christ!