Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's up!

For a while now I had been wishing to have a blog design makeover.  For one thing, I wanted to change our family photo in the header into one that included Bobbles.  While at it, I also wanted to throw in several elements here and there for that personal touch and to make the page more "me."  I also thought that incorporating beautiful old Catholic devotionals and magnificent sacred pictures off old holy cards from the glorious past would go a long way in encouraging and inspiring, not just me and my my family, but hopefully other people who might happen to find themselves in our page.

Painstakingly searching for just the right stuff (i.e. graphics, etc) and collaborating with Michelle, the designer who put everything together, paid off dividends and we're all loving the results!  Definitely well worth the effort and expense, as it has turned out to be a wonderful representation of what I wanted to have on the page.  The way it is now,  it really does - to me -  feel just like.. home.

Thanks, Michelle!

Ad majorem Dei gloriam, et animae salutem!