Friday, February 24, 2012

First Confession / Communion Resource Found!

We were very excited to have received a promotion from Pro Multis Media (another good Catholic Resource Shop online) about an upcoming audiovisual aid scheduled for release in the next few weeks:  the "Our First Communion DVD"  based on a book by Msgr William Kelly published in 1925.

Because we have a First Communicant this year (Roadrunner) I have started pulling out our available resources for First Communion /Confession Preparation.  This will be such a great addition to it. 

Apparently, Pro-Multis Media are taking pre-orders  now for the DVD, so we've put in our order as soon as we received their promotional email a couple of days ago.  Apart from our first communicant, we are all very much  looking forward to when it is finally released and when we receive our own copy!