Saturday, March 24, 2012

An Earnest Prayer for Queensland

Today is the 2012 Queensland State Elections.  But because hubby was going to be unavailable, to attend to a pressing matter out of town, we both chose to pre-poll yesterday.  It goes without saying that we voted PRO LIFE (and stayed well away from candidates known to be among Emily's List), which - we are fully aware - is our moral obligation as Catholics. 

Hopefully come Sunday morning, we can all wake up to an election result that would be tantamount to the state moving forward to a future where we can feel much more secured, where the interests of the family as the basic unit of society are protected, and the rights of individuals, especially the defenseless,  are upheld and safeguarded.

Today, being THE DAY, driving around with our little bumper magnets (below) we were hoping to have influenced and moved other voters into serious thought about how important casting a pro-life vote is. 

May God's will prevail - in the state of Queensland, in all other states of Australia, and the whole world!

Loving Lord Jesus, we beseech you to grant our earnest prayer for our beautiful state of Queensland:  for the triumph of a government that will commit itself to justice;  one that we can trust to work tirelessly to protect the sanctity of marriage and family, one that will be protective of the dignity of each human life - from start to finish and therefore honour and support the human rights of EVERY individual - rich or poor, old or young, born or unborn.  This we ask, with the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother.  Amen.

Laudetur Jesus Christus in aeternum!